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Types of Therapy

Office Based Therapy

Do you have a child who is struggling socially, emotionally, or academically? Office based therapy can help children who are experiencing difficulty managing their emotions and/or behavior when they are feeling distressed or overwhelmed.

As a licensed professional counselor who specializes in working with children, I integrate developmentally appropriate, research-based treatments into my practice and walk alongside families in the healing process. By utilizing these research-based play and cognitive-behavioral therapy interventions, I continue to observe the growth, healing, and change my clients (and their families) experience.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) is an emerging field that uses horse-human interactive experiences to facilitate emotional growth and learning. Like all experiential approaches, it must be experienced to be understood; the words on this page cannot do it justice. We can say that participants learn about themselves and others by participating in activities with the horses, and then processing (or discussing) feelings, behaviors, and patterns with a trained therapist and equine specialist.

The focus of EAP is not riding or horsemanship. In fact, 100% of EAP takes place purely on the ground. The focus of EAP involves setting up activities involving the horses that require the client or group to apply certain skills – such as assertiveness, self-awareness, patience, creativity, and teamwork – as they interact with the horses. By observing old habits in the arena, and experimenting with new possibilities, people gain practical insight that they can use to change their lives.

To learn more about EAP, please click here. 

Group Therapy

FRIENDSHOPS, the workshop for kids who struggle to make and keep friends, complain of being bullied, and need help with conversational skills. -Grades 3-12 with social and communication difficulties-Diagnosed with ADHD or high-functioning autism -Or no diagnosis but socially anxious and have difficulties in social settings?Have them join our “friendshops” for a fun and educational experience, where our curriculum will assist children & teens in developing further awareness of their own thinking and social behaviors. Social strategies that assist children in their own development of better self-regulation across a range of behaviors will be taught and harnessed, teaching each child to look toward their own inner social skills superhero.

For more information on our current groups, please click here.


Resilient Kids is proud to now offer Teletherapy for families living in Delaware!


Teletherapy or video counseling is therapy done through a live video connection, over the internet.  Clients can get the same type of counseling they could receive in person, it’s just done through a computer. If you’ve ever used Skype or FaceTime, you’ve used the same type of technology teletherapy uses. Research on the teletherapy shows that video counseling is just as helpful as counseling done in person. Teletherapy is also very convenient and accessible, which helps people with consistency in counseling sessions. 

We are in-network with Highmark Blue Cross and Amerihealth, however not all insurances cover teletherapy. For those commercial insurances that do, we can provide services under your insurance.  Some clients may choose teletherapy as their primary mode of treatment, or use it as supplemental parental support.


Delaware law states teletherapy can only be provided by a therapist licensed in the State of Delaware, and the client must be a resident of Delaware. This means that students who have seen a therapist in-state can continue to see their same therapist while off at college as long as their primary residence remains in Delaware. The law also requires that one party be located in Delaware – the therapist may be out of the state, but then the client must be in Delaware (or vice versa).

Interested in teletherapy? Please see a list of our therapists who currently provide teletherapy, or request an intake.

Still have more questions about teletherapy? Head on over to our FAQ page.



Visit our FAQ page for a list of common questions

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