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Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Horse Whisperer

Resilient Kids is proud to announce our new Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) program in partnership with Buddy's Place Therapeutic Farm.  This is a unique and groundbreaking model of therapy now being used around the country as a dynamic, powerful tool in mental health therapy. Learn new life lessons, find healing from traumas, or develop new relationship skills, while enjoying the relaxed environment of horses. 

Through Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy, the focus is not horsemanship or horseback riding, but rather a safe place for the client and therapist to engage in activities with a horse or horses, and use the horse(s) to help process feelings, thoughts and reactions. Therapy goals combined with experiences with the horses allow the participant to explore, problem solve, and discover strengths while working with their therapist. 

Studies show that Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy has been helpful for clients in the following areas: assertiveness, emotional awareness, empathy, frustration/stress tolerance, flexibility, impulse control, problem-solving skills, self-actualization, independence, self-regard, social responsibility, interpersonal relationships, grief/loss, ADD/ADHD, anxiety/depression, and trauma.

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