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Exploring the Healing Power of Horses

Recent studies from the Institute of Heart-Math have unveiled an incredible connection between humans and our equine companions. Did you know that being close to horses can lead to a two-way 'healing' effect?

The heart, known to possess an electromagnetic field even larger than the brain, projects energy up to 3 meters around our bodies. But hold onto your horses for this incredible fact... a horse's heart produces an electromagnetic field five times larger than ours! Imagine an sphere of energy enveloping these majestic creatures, influencing our very own heart rates.

Horses possess a unique "coherent" heart rate pattern that aligns with feelings of calm and joy. This pattern mirrors our positive emotions and reflects a state of well-being. It's a telltale sign of their efficient stress recovery system. Simply being in their presence can fill us with a sense of peace and contentment.

Interacting with these gentle giants offers a cascade of benefits: from reduced blood pressure and heart rate, an increase in pain-relieving beta-endorphins, and lowered stress levels, to improved social interactions and heightened feelings of empowerment, patience, and self-confidence.

Let's take a moment to celebrate these four-legged therapists who hold the key to a happier, healthier heart. Whether it's through equine-assisted psychotherapy, or a simple nuzzle, these incredible creatures remind us that healing can come from the most unexpected places.

At Resilient Kids Child & Family Therapy, we're thrilled to offer you the transformative experience of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, hosted in collaboration with the Middletown non-profit, Buddy's Place, Inc. Our team of dedicated mental health professionals, along with their equine co-therapists, are here to guide you every step of the way.

How to Get Started: Have questions? Call Us (302-279-6491 or Email Us at

Ready to get started? Complete the intake request form ( This will help us understand your needs and preferences, ensuring that we tailor the experience to you.

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