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Yoga with Farah

Photo of Farah Breaux

Farah Breaux is a Delaware based intuitive yoga practitioner whose soul's purpose is to walk with others on their journey of self-discovery through movement, breath work, and mindfulness.


Farah leads small groups that are filled with dynamic movement, encouragement and humor—finding the light while sitting in uncomfortable truths for families, adults, and children.

As a mother of two young children, Farah finds a natural connection to young souls and their desire for expressive healthy outlets, holding weekend Kids Yoga classes---there’s laughing, there’s stretching and there’s every day mindfulness being learned.

Private Individual/Group Yoga Session available upon request. 


Yoga Class


Adult Group Session
Tuesdays at 7:00pm

Vinyasa, meaning ‘flow’, merges movement with the breath. Many Vinyasa classes focus on breathing and seek to move students through a sequence of postures as the breath flows in and out. Using this breath, heat, or ‘tapas’ warms the body allowing the practitioner to move deeper into postures and eventually, deeper into their own personal practice. These classes can facilitate balance of body and mind by facing physical challenges with deep awareness.

Yoga Stretches

Yin & Yang Flow

Adult Group Session
Thursdays at 6:00pm

Yin-Yang Yoga combines yin yoga with a flow practice. The Yin portion of this class is a gentle, quiet, and meditative practice that teaches us to relax and accept ourselves just as we are. All poses are done on the floor so that the muscles can relax and allow the deep connective tissues surrounding the hips, thighs, and lower back to be gently stretched. Through mindful stretching, Yin Yoga maintains the health of the connective tissue and encourages free flow of qi (energy) in the body.  Poses are held for longer periods of time (generally 3-5 minutes) and awareness is brought to sensations in the body.

The Yang portion of this class allows us to integrate this openness and awareness into a sense of steadiness and alignment with a short, gentle vinyasa flow in our practice. 

Children Meditating

"Play" Yoga

Kids Yoga
Saturdays at 11:30

Children are encouraged to "play" yoga and experience how their breath and body move together in a fun-filled way!

Farah's goal of teaching yoga to children provides kids with a variety of yoga tools that they can take away from yoga class and use throughout their lives. Animals, nature and other objects come alive in our classes; as we move, we learn to stretch our bodies in new creative ways. Through basic and challenging yoga poses, partner poses, group poses, yoga games, mindfulness activities, music and stories, we promote strength, flexibility, coordination, and body awareness.


Breathing and visualization techniques teach focus, relaxation and self-control. Farah also strives to promote inner-strength, confidence and self-esteem; a feeling of well-being and respect for others; and, love for one's self, inside and out.


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